How to Choose the Best Locker Name Plates, Labels and Tags for Your Needs


Choosing locker name plates, labels and tags for your needs can be a very easy thing to do, as long as you know what kind of tag or name plates or label you need. You might not realize this, but as simple as this task may seem, selecting a nameplates requires a bit of forethought and careful planning. If you choose the wrong kind of labels or tags, you might end up with a whole bunch of these that you cannot use.

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In order to properly select the best tags and labels for your requirements, you should ensure that the label you choose for your product or need should be compatible with how it is to be used. This involves a number of choices that need to be made. Material types, adhesive types and even printing methods have to be scrutinized to determine which of these suit your particular labeling needs. Choosing a wrong component can easily mean a nameplates, label or tag that won’t fit your labeling requirements.

There are many label materials for you to choose from and finding the right one is important since some materials cannot be used in particular environments. For example, if your labels are to be used in harsh conditions, paper may not be an ideal material for the job. If your labels are to be exposed to heat, vinyl or plastic may not be the best choice for the tags you are to use.

For heavy duty labeling needs, you might want to consider Lexan labels or aluminum foil labels. These are durable enough to withstand certain temperatures and, with the right adhesive, can adhere to any surface effectively. If you find that labels are not what you need for your marking or tagging needs, you might want to consider metal nameplates for such a purpose.


Metal nameplates are ideal for tagging and labeling if these are to be exposed to rather harsh environs. Heat, inclement weather, changing climes and grease do not affect these metal tags at all, and since these are usually attached with the use of heavy duty adhesives or rivets, you won’t have to worry about these falling of either.

The choices you have for locker number plates, labels and tags are rather numerous. You simply need to figure out what your exact needs are, what these tags will be exposed to and what you expect from these. Once you determine all these, choosing the best locker name plates, tags and labels for your specific requirements will be rather easy. 


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