How Do Locker Tags Work?


Locker Tags

Locker tags are very important in many places. Almost all the organizations have lockers so their employees could store their belongings safely. There are often cases when people need access to their belongings safely and therefore need something for identification to recognize their lockers among tons of other lockers nearby for your colleagues. The locker name tags, therefore, are a very effective way for putting identifying the precise locker of an individual easily. At many other places, the locker tags are used and are very helpful.

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There are many huge manufacturing plants where hundreds of workers are employed every day. They can have shifted throughout the day and they need a personalized space to keep their belonging. The identification badges on such a place are often very helpful. Also, many health organizations and institutions, a lot of health workers work together and might need to keep their clothes and pieces of equipment safely. So storage lockers with locker name plates can be very helpful in such places. 

Locker tags

All the organizations with a large number of workers who are using the storage units need the locker plates or locker tags. So once you assign a locker to a particular employee, the tag provides a tracing ability if required. There are also times when personalized tags are used. One can spot this in sports when team members are given lockers with personalized tags on which their name is written.


 The durability of the locker tags is always considered less questionable. It is because they are not subject to heavy wear and tear. Locks are generally placed inside at a safer place where the weather is also not a concern. In comparison to other products, locker tags are thus present at a much safer place in the majority of cases; therefore, do not require any special material to make them too tough. Hence a variety of materials can be used to make the tags.


1)     Anodized Aluminum

Anodized aluminum has a special quality of being very light in weight and is highly durable, thus it’s almost a perfect material for making tags. The fact that it is resistant to corrosion makes it an obvious choice to make locker tags. 

2)     Stainless Steel

Many industrial places expect the components they are using to be of the highest quality and durability. But given the fact that the lockers and the tags over them are not subject to harsh conditions, stainless steel is not a prominent requirement. But if the locker tags are made of stainless steel, they are ought to be considered permanent with no requirement to replace for long. 

3)     Brass

Brass is very commonly used to make locker name tags as they give a very rusty look which is very much appreciated. They are also very durable which makes them a worthy alternate.

Marking processes

1)     Photo Anodization

It is a very popular process because it gives high durability apart from full customization. It can include varied imaging and therefore the name tags are produced with different fonts, number types, etc. a solid color could also be added in the background. 

2)     Etching

In metal substrate, a slight indention is created through this process and then the color could be filled to give a good design to the plate. 

3)     Engraving

A very popular process for marking locker tags is engraving. It uses special tools and is known to cut deep into the metal material.

Mounting Options

The nameplates are usually given a hole to be mounted or there is an adhesive backing. Both of the options are pretty successful. With holes, it would only need a couple of screws to tighten the nameplate.

Locker Tags are an essential part of giving an identity to the storage unit. We at Machine Plates Online are happy to help you suggest the right product according to your needs. We will help you choose and get the option available.

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