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ID plates, nameplates, and other plates used in an industrial or commercial setting are often subject to harsh weather conditions. They have to fight the adverse condition and the impact of it and if they can sustain those impacts, only then they will be used in the markets. If someone currently looks at such a material that stands against such conditions it could none other be metal? Let us understand what types of metals are widely used to make nameplates and identification plates due to their wide advantages. 

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 Aluminum has successfully been part of the plating market for quite a time now. They have been the real success facing different kinds of harsh conditions posed by the atmosphere and yet maintaining their shape and texture. They are also used in many other applications which may include machinery, generator, power tool, etc.


Advantage of Aluminum for ID plates

 Many factors support the concept of making ID plates from aluminum. Due to plates being recyclable, resistant to chemicals and very durable, it makes them a very suitable option to choose for making the plates.


Stainless Steel

If you wish to know one of the most popular metals used both for outdoor and indoor applications, it is none other than stainless steel. They have shown great resilience over the years. Making ID plates from stainless steel makes them tough and long-lasting. They are also used in making a variety of other things which affirms the utility of this metal and makes them a dominant choice in the market.


Advantage of Stainless Steel for Industrial Applications

It is no wonder why stainless steel is so dominantly used in almost every other place possible. The characteristics they pose make them a much-appreciated product. Many industries also use them for the information tag given the fact that will maintain its shape for a longer period without any issues.


Decorating Options for Aluminum and Stainless Steel

If we talk about standard screen printing, it is very much possible while using a couple of colors. There are various other customization options also available with both. Steel is much heavier in comparison to aluminum thus any work on steel will be costlier.


Diverse Metal Material Options

There are a wide variety of metal options available when you talk about making the warning or informative nameplates. Every material has got its pros and cons and one has to give a slight study to get the desired results.


How Can We Help?

We at machine plates online are one of the best name plate manufacturers with years of experience. Our team would be glad to help you know about every material and what will fit the best for you.

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